“The partnership between the Rwanda Plumbers Organization and IWSH is a wonderful opportunity for Rwandan plumbers to develop their skills and the Rwandan community to get improved WASH services.”

Jean Claude Twagirimana – President, Rwanda Plumbers Organization (RPO)

COVID-19 community handwashing

In 2020 IWSH supported the Rwanda Plumbers Organization’s (RPO) effort to design and build a mobile hand-washing station that meets sanitation and hygienic standards and can be used in public places. The station has two storage tanks: one that keeps clean water and another that stores waste water to drained at a proper place The station is operated by a foot pillar tap and includes liquid soap from a touchless dispenser to minimize contamination risks. The station employs time-delay taps and only opens when the pedal is pressed in order to save water. IWSH collaborated with the RPO to hold a community outreach program in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as other diseases, that demonstrates the role plumbing plays in daily life and to increase awareness about the newly formed RPO.

Munazi Primary School

In a new venture for 2021, IWSH is working with RPO on construction planning for new toilet and handwashing facilities at Munazi Primary School, in the Gisagara District of Southern Province, Rwanda. The project was launched with a Remote Design Workshop, hosted online through August 2021. An international team of skilled volunteers - providing plumbing, architecture and engineering expertise - connected with RPO Members and school management to develop a plan for upgrade of existing toilet blocks with water supply for handwashing and toilet flushing, including new toilets, urinals, and a new wastewater management system.

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