“I would highly recommend this type of experience for anyone looking to challenge what they know; both as a tradesperson, and a person in general!”

Tyson Knight – Volunteer Plumber, Nepal Village Health Improvement Program


Since 2013, IWSH has supported multiple projects under Healthabitat’s Nepal Sanitation Studio program, coordinating the voluntary participation of international plumbers and other tradespeople to help install and upgrade water and sanitation facilities for households and schools. These teams have also helped train locals to repair and maintain the facilities. The program in Nepal evolved from Healthabitat's Housing For Health initiative in Australia. 

Village Health Improvement Program

In 2017 IWSH sponsored Plumbers Tyson Knight (Australia) and Vilas Dain (India) to join the newly-established Healthabitat Nepal Village Health Improvement Program. Over the course of one week at Shree Bhotenamlang Secondary School — home to approximately 600 students and teachers — the team completed galvanized water pipe work throughout, fitted tapware, set squat pans and handbasin wastes, completed PVC drainage connecting toilet/washing facilities to the septic tank, completed greywater soakage, and installed water tank(s) and running poly water supply. Knight and Dain also worked closely with local tradespeople and other project volunteers, exchanging ideas and practical skills for installation and maintenance of the new facilities.

Portable Handwashing Challenge

Through 2020-21 IWSH has joined forces with the Paul Pholeros Foundation (PPF) toward the development of portable hand-washing stations that will benefit the people of Nepal. The compact, durable unit is easily assembled and disassembled, provides soap storage, allows for wastewater disposal, and is tamper proof. IWSH International Program Director Grant Stewart is serving as IWSH’s liaison to the PPF and helping oversee the prototyping work. After the prototype is built in Australia, it will be sent to Nepal to be built and undergo field testing. They will initially be used in dental camps and health camps, and eventually school and community events.

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